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Valley Christian Pleasant Grove Campus


Special Academic Programs:

Secular educational psychologists argue that giftedness is not an acquired skill attained by personal effort, but an innate or “natural” ability. Talent, on the other hand, can be an acquired skill. From a Christian perspective, giftedness is just that: a gift from God given to individuals for the purpose of serving others and bringing glory to God. Christian educators should work to identify not only the intellectual strengths of gifted children, but the children’s moral and spiritual interests as well. Thus, Christian educators must help facilitate spiritual growth and moral activation in cognitive, academic, and faith development of “gifted” children.

Gifted and Accelerated Academics

Valley Christian School believes that all children deserve a Christian

education and that children with disabilities are not only recipients of ministry,

but also minister to others through their uniqueness and individuality, thus reflecting the image of God in humanity. As one of the only Christian schools in the country to offer a fully functioning Special Education program, Valley Christian School embraces its role as a pioneer in the field of Christian Special Education.

Valley Christian School offers Special Education services to students who qualify for services under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act), have a current IEP (Individualized Education Plan) written by their public school district, or have been awarded either the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship or Autism Scholarship. Valley Christian Schools also considers students for admission with a 504 Plan or a Speech-only IEP who do not qualify for a state-funded scholarship program.


Specialized Learning Services Provided

Following an evaluation and consultation, VCS is able to provide these specialized learning services:

•   Behavioral Intervention

•   Occupational Therapy

•   Parent counseling and training

•   Physical Therapy

•   Psychological testing and consulting

Speech screening, consultation, and therapy


Specialized Learning

At VCS, college-bound students are provided with an academically challenging curriculum, designed to prepare them for higher education.

The Ohio Board of Regents, governing body of Ohio colleges and universities, recommends that students take the following courses in order to be college ready:

English, 4 credits

Mathematics (including Advanced Math) 4 credits

Social Studies, 4 credits

Science, 4 credits

Business Management, 1 credit

Foreign Language, 2 credits

Fine Art, 1 credit


The VCS curriculum aligns with the Board of Regents recommendations while providing flexibility as students are assisted in curse selection based upon future career goals.

College Preparatory Curriculum

Valley Christian School recognizes that the pathway to independence and adulthood is a journey that begins at birth. Intentional instruction and guidance is required to equip students to be responsible, independent and confident adults who are anchored in their faith. At VCS we provide guidance and admission counselors to answer both personal and academic questions. We want to make sure each student feels comfortable and confident at VCS. Our VCS faculty and staff members are committed to building positive relationships with students, creating an environment where students feel secure in seeking assistance for personal, emotional, or academic struggles.

The Department of Counseling, Guidance and Transitioning works collaboratively with the student, parent, educational staff, and administrative staff to assist students in achieving the following objectives:

•   To attain meaningful self-direction for their own lives

•   To develop an understanding and acceptance of themselves as unique and valuable

•   To attain the greatest possible personal development through education

•   To develop satisfying relationships with others

•   To progress toward rewarding careers

•   Achieve the skills required to effectively transition into post-secondary life

Guidance and Academic Counseling