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Valley Christian Pleasant Grove Campus

The Value of a Christian Education

Christian education is a lived, daily expression of what is preached on

Sunday morning and should be a reinforcement of what is taught at

home. Further, distinct from other religious, parochial schools,

Valley Christian School provides a trans-denominational outreach for

the Christian community.

Valley Christian School seeks to produce graduates capable of making a

positive impact on all aspects of society including the family, church,

and community. Graduates should be “salt of the earth,”

never retreating or “hiding their light under a bushel.”

Graduates should not be afraid of anything in “the world,” rather,

they should understand the world and seek to transform it for the

sake of the Kingdom of God. The world should be a better place because of Valley Christian School graduates.

At VCS students will:

- Contribute to the life of the church as an integral member

of the Kingdom of God

- Live as a responsible, productive member of society

- Succeed in school

- Reason with a Christian worldview

- Resist the secular worldview

- Appreciate and thrive in culturally diverse environments

- Actively influence all realms of secular society including

government, science, and economics with Christian values

At Valley Christian Schools Students Will Know That:

- All truth  is God’s truth no matter where it may be found

-A solid educational foundation in the core curriculum is

essential to a successful life

-Science, technology, and faith are not in conflict;

both are mutually beneficial for 21st century life

At Valley Christian School Students Will Understand That:

- God is real and loves them

- The Christian life is “livable”

- Human sinfulness should not obscure the truth of the gospel

At Valley Christian Schools Students Will Value:

- Cultural and socioeconomic diversity in spite of differences in

tradition or expression

- Authentic relationships with God, family, and the community

based on love and respect

- Mercy, Justice, and Humility (Micah 6:8)

At Valley Christian Schools We Believe in a

“Relational Christian Education”

Christian education is relational and as such it starts with the teacher. Relationships in the classroom are not dependent on the attitudes or actions of the students. Teachers must be secure in themselves and in their faith to ensure that they can demonstrate daily, consistent Christlikeness without expectation of response or reward.


For teaching and learning, Christian education occurs when students come to a realization of God’s truth. Such realizations are not merely psychological apprehensions of inert knowledge; they are moments when students spiritually connect to the mind, heart, and truth of God.  When such realizations occur, learning occurs.

Educational Philosophy