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7105 Herbert Road • Canfield, Ohio 44406

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Highway Tabernacle Early Learning Center

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Valley Christian Early Learning Center we believe the purpose of Early Childhood Education is to aid children in their growth by using developmental appropriate activities at an appropriate pace for the individual child while showing them Christ's love and desire for their lives to follow Him.


“We pray that God’s Spirit will open your eyes to the

wonders of his word, showing you the richness of Jesus,

the word incarnate.”

Old North

Early Learning Center


Old North

Early Learning Center

Valley Christian Preschool offers a quality

Christian program for children ages 6 weeks

through 12 years of age

7105 Herbert Road

Canfield, Ohio 44406

HOURS: M-F  6:00am-6:00pm

PHONE: 330-727-4742

Facebook: Valley Christian Early Learning Center @ Old North